Streaming Content From The Mindspace

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

Using content creation tools when writing product descriptions is a tricky affair. Unfortunately, content creation tools are driven by artificial intelligences or at least rely on algorithmic processing to generate content in quantity that safely passes benchmarks to ensure its uniqueness. The solution is to write in the manner of stream-of-consciousness, drawing from a brain full of experiences on this planet and from explorations of the mind within the body itself. Putting ideas onscreen as a steady flow is a habit that takes practice but quickly develops and becomes natural. Understandably, writers are inhibited by their own fears of inadequacy and by notions of judgment by their audience and by critics which they internalize and begin to emulate in their own minds.

Instead of content creation tools that rely on essentially what amount to being robots, writers can look into the content of their daily lives to find substance worth writing about. A writer can remember an interesting encounter he or she had at the grocery store:

A middle-aged woman asks a passing stocking clerk, "Oh, well, I'm not going to buy this tomato sauce, because it says it has aspartame in it. Doesn't aspartame cause cancer or boils, something like that?"

The clerk replies, "I'm not sure about that. Where does it say it has aspartame in it?"

The woman blinks, and squints at the label. "I, well, it said somewhere here. Maybe I didn't see that? I guess I just looked at it wrong."

"There's no aspartame in that sauce," the clerk says, smiling. "I'm pretty sure nobody adds aspartame to spaghetti sauce."

"Oh," says the woman. "Well, can you make your own sauce, do you think, sort of just with ketchup?"

The clerk says, "I don't know. Ketchup is maybe the wrong way to go about it."

The woman blinks and nods her head, and then she thanks the clerk. She goes on down the aisle, the tomato sauce left sitting on the shelf.

And here content has been created, ideas infused, with little more than a quick recall of a casual encounter in a grocery store. Someone motivated enough could take this info and turn it into content on a blog (and look, we just did it). The kind of creative content that consumers actually enjoy reading is not typically generated by A.I.

The Iceberg Of Content Creation

Monday, June 17, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

In the year 2013 products and services are available right next door, in your local market (as always); but those products and services are as accessible just as quickly even if their physical location is anywhere else on the planet. The way that those products and services now find a path through the wilderness of the global marketplace and to your attention in front of your PC, mobile phone or any other flatscreen terminal of your wildest dreams, is by leveraging content creation.

In order to bring ideas to the attention of the search engines, marketers rely on content creation to build out a presence for the product or service on the Internet. Content creation fills up the empty space surrounding the product or service with media rich material, so that human beings and robots have plenty of densely packed terrain into which they may drop anchor.

Content creation relies on human brains whose wrinkles emerge from exposure to fine art, popular culture, history, anthropology, religion and science. By utilizing a diversity of references rich with ideas and perspectives, content becomes a dynamic, living experience for its human readers and the machines who sample it. Content shouldn't just be the same recycled drivel written carelessly at the drop of a hat; instead it should be thoughtful layers of expression and critical thinking that add value to an Internet reading experience and that fill the artificial intelligences with that soulful breadth that is unique to the collective human consciousness. You, the reader, shouldn't be driven away by boring text abandoned by philosophy and commentary. That's why this particular service relies on the best minds on the planet to thrive.

Small Businesses Need Blog Writers

Friday, June 14, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
Running a small business is fun, exciting and sometimes scary. The work can be overwhelming at times and a small business owner might be tempted to try to handle all aspects of his or her business alone. This approach just doesn't work for most people. However, a business owner can't just ignore the value of using promotional blog content. Blogs support the business in many ways, both directly and with regard to business presence in search engines.
A business blog is a refined, technical and professional body of content. It's not just fluff, gossip and the opinions of a crazy, lonely writer who sits around in a terrycloth robe. The blog contains information that customers actually find useful and come to rely on for consistency and accuracy. At the same time, with respect to the terrycloth, a good blog contains an appropriate amount of creative and imaginative material to keep the readers interested. A good blog makes sure that readers keep clicking for more and that they keep coming back over time.
Using a service that writes blogs professionally will make sure that you have people working hard to support your bottom line through content writing while you take care of business and focus on the clients themselves. Finding a good service means that you have writers who have mastered a diversity of techniques and styles in order to keep your blog as fresh as possible, rich with references to art, history, science and popular culture, while at the same time full of useful, accurate information that your readers really need.

Advantages Of Writing Your Own Blog Content

Thursday, June 13, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
Keeping a blog is a great way to promote your enterprise. However, good blogging is time consuming and labor intensive. Due to to the work involved and because some people just don't enjoy writing or aren't that good at it, many business owners look to freelancers to handle the writing for their marketing content. 
One reason to hire a blogger is to minimize time that you spend on writing. You can dedicate the time that you save to focusing on your product or service. Additionally, you can concentrate more on your clients instead of your marketing and establish a richer relationship with the people who do business with you.
Also, you can focus on creating new content that isn't necessarily writing. You might want to produce videos, make presentations, publish webinars, or organize promotional events. If you leave the writing to writers, you'll have lots more time to promote your business in other ways.
However, it isn't always the case that hiring a writer is the best way to go about creating a business blog. Here are a few reasons why:
  • Simply put, it's expensive. Good freelance work comes at a premium and sometimes small business owners can't afford that expense. Doing the writing yourself will save money in the end. 
  • Also, it could threaten your credibility if you publish content with your name on it that in fact is not your own writing. 
  • Finally, someone blogging for you from outside your company probably won't have the understanding of your business that you or someone working you directly has. 
In the end, you'll have to decide between writing your own marketing content or hiring writers to handle the work. It's not just a black and white issue, though: You also have the option to take care of some of the work and to offload projects you just can't accommodate in your schedule to outside writers. Finding the balance that suits your needs is the key to a shared work solution.

Focusing On Your Human Readership

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
A leading researcher of Internet search technology famously predicted in 2012 that SEO practices as we understand them in 2013 would be fundamentally different by 2015. The major players in the search industry, such as Google, would reposition the search technologies so that content geared exclusively to gain rank status in the search engines would be identified as such and its effect on search results minimized. 
That's not to say that keywords and sophisticated techniques involving linking won't mean anything anymore. However, they will only be responsibly for a minor percentage of the final results. Instead, links pointing directly to the content and direct referrals from social media will drive the search results. 
To be clear, content marketing is how businesses reach out to potential new clients and expose their brand. Blogging, social media, multimedia content (such as Youtube) and digital publications like eBooks and slideshows are all elements of contemporary content marketing. In conjunction with content marketing is SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the art of optimizing content and a business web presence to ensure searchers see the business at the top of the list when using search engines. This means that good SEO has to account for the many terms and phrases searchers might use to look for your product or service. Content must be optimized to match for specific vocabulary.
The best content marketing relies heavily on thorough, competent research. In fact, the best writers only spend about a quarter of their time doing the actual writing. At least half of the total time should go to research and planning around the content. This ensures that the information presented by the content is something that human readers will value and come to rely on and not just something that the machines recognize for the search engines.
The other point to focus on for good content marketing is the audience. The best content focuses on the clients, both current and prospective. That means that style, voice and context is critical when targeting your readership. Choosing the right topic, putting the content in the preferred format, and using a voice that matches the personalities of your readership are all crucial to successful content marketing. 

Why Working With Freelancers Is Crucial Today

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
Nowadays nearly all companies need fresh marketing material in traditional and electronic formats. Many people who start up their own businesses attempt to take care of producing all of this content themselves. As a business gets larger, however, its founder simply won't have the time to do all of that work personally. That's why reaching out to professionals who produce content as freelancers is crucial in order to grow a business beyond the seedling stage. Here are a few reasons why that is:
  • You'll add professionalism to your content by keeping it free of errors. Clients need to know that your work is the best and they'll look to the promotional content that your company to uses for their first impressions of your quality. If the writing in your company's advertisements is sloppy, potential customers will logically assume that your product or your service is second rate as well.
  • You'll freshen up your image by adding diverse points of view to the content that promotes your brand. If you produce all of the marketing and advertising content for your company by hand, you'll be at risk of trapping yourself in a limited voice, style or perspective. Good freelance writers know how to mix up content to keep it exciting and ensure that it refers to numerous ideas stemming from art, literature, science, history and popular culture.
Best of all, you'll save yourself time that you can use to developing your product, working with clients and growing your business. You probably won't be able to dedicate enough time to advertising and marketing to ensure fresh content on a regular basis. Freelancers can deliver new material quickly and consistently so that your marketing material can match changing needs. In this way you'll show your clients that you have the knowledge and the resources to meet their changing demands, too. 

Knowing Your Blogging Audience

Monday, June 10, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
Despite complaints to the contrary, the Internet is full of excellent content. The writers of that content don't always have an easy time with their writing, however. A lot of times a growing process is necessary before their content graduates from mediocre fluff to actually good stuff. One issue common to all writers is the struggle to understand their readership.
Business blogging has its own set of rules. Writers in this category must keep the consumer of the content first in mind. It is important that the writer clearly defines the type of reader that the blog targets before the writing starts. Then the writer can focus on using the right language that works effectively with the psychology of the readership. 
Many times a writer can accidentally fall into the habit of shaping his or her writing using the language and themes that he or she prefers personally. This can be a mistake, and you should avoid this pitfall by keeping the target audience in mind. If you're writing about the wedding cake industry and hoping to target small business owners whose product is the wedding cake, then don't focus your blog on how to increase traffic to your blog. Keep the focus on the wedding cake industry. If you prefer a specific kind of wedding cake, remember that your readership probably likes other kinds and styles of cakes. Don't pigeonhole yourself before you get a chance to address every aspect of the topic that you're writing about.
If you're writing on behalf of a specific business so that its readers are clients of that business, then remember to focus on the content. If the business is web design but the business owner really wants to target local small businesses, then write about topics that touch on aspects of doing business in a local setting and themes that set small business owners apart from big corporations. Don't write about the technical side of web design.
At the same time, don't let your ideas go to waste. If you find yourself suddenly in the middle of a bunch of text that is well written and rich with information, but that has lost the focus of the article, then put that writing aside in a safe place. Later you can use that writing in a different way. This not only keeps your productivity at a maximum, but lets you have material with which to branch out later on.
Make sure you pay attention to data that describes the readership of the blog. This is why analytics applications are useful. Find out where the readers are coming from, what technologies they use and how much time they usually spend reading. Also, pay close attention to comments that the content attracts. Use reader interaction to shape your blog around the personalities and preferences of the readership.
Knowing your audience and staying on track with your writing will keep your readership coming back for content that they've grown to trust.

The Best Blogs Say It Straight-Up

Friday, June 7, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
Imagine being at your workspace about to write a new blog post. You're all dressed up in your favorite thinking clothes and you have your favorite “successful blogger” hat firmly on your head. Everything is going great so far and all the grammar is perfectly in order. The problem is that you haven't even made your point yet and you find yourself totally out of new words to put on the screen.
This happens to a lot of writers. A writer can't help but want to be “writerly” and to show off his or her unique, “writerly” voice; that is, the writer's stylized way with the language that is described by how the writer paces his or her ideas, how the ideas unfold through word choice, and which kinds of devices to use in order to show the reader ideas rather then lining those ideas up explicitly and in literal language. When blogging, readers actually want the writing to get to its points quickly and to elucidate its information clearly, without running away into metaphor land, where exotic words fill the page with shades of meaning.
Check out these quick tips to get your writing into line for maximum impact:
  • Use fewer lengthy clauses and prepositional phrases so that your sentences have impact, communicate fast and are clear. 
  • State your point quickly in the article and don't feel obligated to dress it up with extra-colorful language. Further in the text you can play around with imagery, but don't lose the reader's attention before you've made the point in a way that hits hard and isn't obscure. On the other hand:
  • Don't be afraid to explore interesting language after you've made a clear point. You shouldn't avoid descriptive or imaginative language altogether. Use it in a balanced, appropriate way to make the text unique and feel alive without going overboard.
  • Write a draft that flows directly from your brain to the page; get a lot of language on the screen that comes in your  mental stream quickly and without censorship. After you get your ideas onscreen, then change your focus to brevity and clarity. Go through the text to eliminate extraneous language. Clean up rambling, tighten up the grammar and make the grammatical logic perfect. Seeing the writing as a two-step process starting with lots of words and ideas and cutting it down on a second pass through the text ensures that you've tapped your imagination to the fullest.
In the end, you want to make sure your article works elegantly, like a well-oiled machine. Optimizing your texts will add to their value by making them into a writing product that readers trust and that your clients can count on, too.

How To Go About Blogging For Businesses

Thursday, June 6, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
All wordsmiths understand from experience that a shiny, empty flatscreen devoid of content is one's own worst nightmare when a deadline is coming at you like a freight train. In today's marketplace, brand exposure is fueled predominantly by raw data and analysis. A writer can beat the feeling of being trapped in a sterile, impersonal assignment by using his or her creative interests to carve out the content of an article from the industry-specific or narrowly technical bedrock of the topic.
This approach works regardless of whether one is delivering content for multiple clients on a fixed schedule, or if one is aiming to launch a blog of one's own. Whatever the case, a writer needs an unobstructed view of the playing field and a plan to ensure success, all without the risk of a nervous breakdown and the need for a  mental health support team (but a team is useful, too). Here a few good points to keep in mind when planning one's strategy:
  • A writer shouldn't fear delving into the geekier side of the topic on occasion. In a business article, the writer is the expert on the offerings of the enterprise, so the writer should understand the liberty he or she has to speak out about the detailed, topical knowledge he or she has on the subject. It's true that too technical of an article can drive the readership away, but on the other hand, most readers want to learn something factually accurate and useful from the items that they choose to read.
  • A writer should have reference to a broad range of topics in the arts, humanities and popular culture. Staying aware of items of popular interest that gives his or her content a timely feel is important. The writer should be able to refer to monolithic examples of art and literature, as well as minutiae that he or she personally has found interesting throughout his or her own reading and viewing experiences.
  • A good idea is to schedule one's content around milestones in order to make sure one delivers the content on time and with a good balance of creative elements of technical elements. This gives the writer breathing room to ensure that the content is couched well in writing that reflects some outside research or complementary ideas that the writer brings to the table. It also makes sure the final product is on time. The writer can also set up the milestones so that each allotment of content is not just a quantity of words, but also an outline of creative ideas that the writer prepares ahead of time and then builds out in writing
  • In the end, one should make sure that one doesn't lose readership and push clients away by delivering writing that seems to be too repetitive. Keeping the writing diverse with good word choices and a depth of ideas, insight and references outside of the subject is crucial so that there's a little something for every reader, every time.
Looking for content for your business? Buy blog posts from us and take the weight off your shoulders.

Understanding a Content Marketing Platform

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
On a regular basis, consumers are bombarded with a wealth of information. This information can come from anywhere – from Facebook to the Wall Street Journal to the local grocer down the block. The goal of a content marketing platform is to integrate all of these outlets so that the information comes in through a single channel instead of assaulting you from every direction. An example of this would be a platform which allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time while sending an email to your boss. Sounds a bit futuristic, huh?
Content marketing platforms have become increasingly important. So what is it you should think about or look for in one?
  1. The perfect content marketing platform should allow you to rid yourself of the need for notebooks, pens, folders, etc. because it will contain everything within it.
  2. If you're using one of these platforms to allow others to post writing, you'll want to allow some flexibility in the content. You'll also want to make sure you have a sufficient number of editors so that content quality doesn't suffer.
  3. The content marketing platform should fully and smoothly integrate all the platforms you need in to one. This also requires conversion from platform to platform, e.g. being able to access it via email vs. being able to access it via search.
The best platform is the one that measures results. If you can't tell that traffic has increased, workflow has improved, and transition is seamless... how can you know your content marketing platform is worthwhile?

Perfect Blog Writing for Businesses

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
It would be difficult to deny the importance of social media in modern society. Blogging is one facet of social media that has become wildly popular and appears to be here to stay (or so we bloggers are hoping). Successful businesses frequently have websites that feature a blog, which is updated regularly. Within this blog, you find all kinds of relevant information about the company. “Relevant information,” however, doesn't just mean cut and dry sales pitch writing.
Blogs are used to promote a company in a manner that will keep people informed and engaged. To get your business blog started, try jotting down a list of questions you'd like to answer and bring up in these blogs. You can use this list to further brainstorm. Grab a couple of the most relevant questions from this list and focus on them. Be sure to do your research – if your blog is aimed at providing answers, they should certainly be accurate. You will find that the more you research, the more questions you, yourself have. Don't toss these questions aside; be sure to follow them up. Remember, all of this information could be put into your current blog or even saved for a future post.
In addition to answering common questions of existing or potential customers, you should engage them. You can do this by asking for consumer responses, reviews, or opinions in general. When people find a blog interactive enough, they will feel the desire to post comments. These comments, in turn, can bring more traffic.

Top Advantages of Outsourcing Content Creation

Monday, June 3, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths
As a business owner, you've been confronted with the question of whether to rely on in-house staff or outsourcing when it comes to content creation for your company. Here are ten reasons why you may want to opt for the latter:
  1. It's cheaper. It's much more expensive to hire in-house staff, then train them, and on top of that, give them full benefits with your company.
  2. It saves time. Balancing multiple projects between a few members of in-house staff can be stressful and lead to deadlines being missed. Outsourcing allows you to hire as many people as necessary to get the job done as quickly as possible.
  3. You get to use the skills of others. For some people, content creation happens with the snap of a finger. These are the type of workers that content creation is specifically outsourced to – trained professionals.
  4. The results are fantastic. With a talented content writer, you can expect immediate results. When you hire someone well-versed in SEO, you're bound to see a significant increase in your website's traffic.
  5. It takes the stress off of you. You're the business owner; you don't need to be the manufacturer, blog writer, or PR agent for your own company. If you want to, that's fine. If you don't, you can outsource content creation to an expert.
  6. It sets you up with a marketing strategy. Outsourcing companies that specialize in writing will be able to put together a plan for what content to post, when to post it, and how to get more people excited.
  7. You can even create content on a multitude of topics. When you use outsourced workers, you are able to choose from an even larger pool of diversity. These writers can create content focusing on various topics to get media attention from all kinds of groups.

Tips to Avoid Poor Content Creation That Causes Sluggish Online Sales

Monday, May 27, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

It’s a webmaster’s nightmare: sluggish sales that show a very discouraging return on investment. But very often this is the online reality that closes the doors of many websites before they even establish their online brand. The reason for the slow sales is usually tied up in the type of content creation they have:  content that is not client-centric will fail to generate sales. This is easily seen even in SEO content writing and even product descriptions that have all the relevant details of a particular product.  Without the right sentence structure and approach, your online content can be your biggest enemy and even more so than your chief competitor. But what should you do to avoid being your own online enemy? Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t Copy What Your Competitors are Doing: Don’t get caught up thinking that you can outdo your competitor by rephrasing the content they have. While you may make it though the search engines, you won’t go undetected with online readers. Your content should be written for your specific brand and website even if you have competitors that sell similar products.
  2. Too much information is no information:  Isolate the key points you want to present to your online readers and build on them. Don’t get carried away with excess information as too many details will hide key points. Keep your articles short and easy to understand so that the average person can read and understand them.
  3. Social Media is Your Friend: Don’t shy away from social media. Ensure that popular platforms are featured on your websites so that visitors can easily share your content. Website content writers that are also bloggers can easily guide you through the process by connecting the dots of your content and the online demand.

You should not be your own online enemy. By taking the time to assess the content you have, you can easily avoid falling into this trap.

Is YouTube the Digital Content Creation You Need to Be the Mortar Of Your Online Success?

Friday, May 24, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

YouTube has far more to offer your online brand than just being a platform to host cute videos.  With the right message, keywords and timing your brand can quickly leave the realm of the unknown and become a viral magnet attracting thousands and even millions of potential clients. In essence, it is an important tool that is often overlooked in digital content creation and which can provide the mortar you need to build your business online. But not just any YouTube video will do to make this possible.  Here are some tips to bear in mind when using YouTube:

  • Google loves YouTube and So Should You:  YouTube videos stand out on Google. You should use this to your advantage when creating a video to market a particular product or brand. Always choose keywords that attract high organic results to get more YouTube videos views. You can use the YouTube creation and blog writing services of BBW to get the leading advantage online.
  • Keep Your Message Short and Straightforward:  Don’t get carried away when you are creating your videos. You should keep the contents short and simple so that viewers do not have to do any form of guesswork to understand its contents. Always remember that online visitors have a very short attention span, so the quicker you get them to notice and understand, the higher the chances of getting leads that generate profit.
  • Choose Your Title Carefully: Don’t take your YouTube video title for granted. It should be cleverly optimized with the right keywords so that you it is easy to see what your video content is about. Experienced article writers will know how to achieve this and also keep it short enough to grab attention.

You don’t have to limit your brand identity to just the written word. Videos that have the right messages are also effective in getting your business before the right audience. Business Blog Writers can help you find the perfect balance between digital content and articles and thus increase your online presence.

Get Freelance Content Writers to Make Google, Bing or Yahoo! Love Your Website

Thursday, May 23, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

You may have noticed that major changes in most search engines have led to some websites being boosted and others losing their ranking. Chances are your website has fallen into the latter group and you can’t seem to piece together the puzzle of what really happened. If you engaged in black hat SEO tactics, then it is pretty easy to figure out. However, if you believe you have been following the rules then things do become a little more complicated. Trained freelance content writers can get search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! to love your website. They know that keyword stuffing is an old technique of the past and is no longer effective in getting organic traffic. They also know that content blogging and business are interlinked for a successful online presence. In other words they know where to start to give you the leads you need.

So what can a content service do to make you shine in the eyes of search engines? They can provide QUALITY. Search engines love content that has substance and that is shared across different platforms. When your content starts to generate buzz then it is sign that you are attracting a relevant crowd to what you have to say. Chances are you may even be filtered into Google Alerts and get your content exposed to even more readers that are searching for a particular keyword. This will give your brand the additional traction it needs to remain competitive online.

Another important point to bear in mind with freelance writers is that they know how Google, Bing and Yahoo! operate. They are able to make simple, yet powerful ads that can boost your PPC campaign. They are also able to pinpoint the best keywords to use to make your content stand out.

Winning the War of Words With Content Writers

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

It’s not always easy to say the right words when writing blog posts-long sentences and wordiness can often overshadow the message you want to convey to your online readers. While some webmasters may resort to buying blog posts that have PLR rights attached to them, they often find that the quality is far from satisfactory. Professional content writers can strip away the wordiness and long sentences to present only the most interesting and useful facts to your readers.  These professionals study your business to better understand your audience and effectively align your online pitch to their needs. Business Blog Writers (BBW) can do the same for you in the following ways:

  • Give Your Ideas Life:  Knowing what you want to say and actually getting it across in a clear manner can be a challenge.  BBW gives your idea life by removing all the gaps that will hinder how you communicate with your readers. This gives your online brand a better chance to attract loyal clients and build an online reputation in the process.
  • Gives You More Time to Plan: When you hire a blogger to provide your content needs online you have more personal time to plan and trace your next steps. BBW allows you to focus on your business without getting weighed down with the work to make it successful.
  • Gives You a Competitive Edge:  Your content can give you a leading advantage over your competitor. BBW makes this possible by using the major keywords that clients want to see in product descriptions or general online content. When you buy blog posts from our blog platform you get content that is specifically tailored to your needs.

You don’t have to fight the battle of words alone when it comes to online content. By allowing BBW to take care of your content needs, you get to have foothold in the market while remaining relevant in the process.

SEO Content Writing in YouTube Marketing Equals Success

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

Digital content creation with YouTube videos is a great way to communicate to the online community. With the simple “click, play and watch” steps, a considerable amount of information can be shared in just a few minutes. There is hardly any effort in the process for the viewers and most videos are free to watch and create.

Depending on how the video is done and its contents, many people may even find that they connect easily with the message it is sending as opposed to reading the very same message in an article.  With all these benefits and leading advantages, video marketing can successfully catapult a brand’s popularity and can be used alongside blogging and business to get even more traction. However, SEO is one of the main ingredients that must be taken into consideration to make this possible.
What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes all the ethical steps taken to increase the chances of a website, product, or service being noticed by the search engines. For videos, these can be uploaded onsite or used as an off page marketing tool to reach a larger audience. When used with SEO content writing they tap all the competition gaps to have a stronger foothold in any industry.  This is only possible when the right types of keywords are used in the video description and title. Knowing how to create compelling titles and description to take advantage of the favorable search engine results for YouTube video is important to take the lead  in online marketing.

How Can SEO be applied to YouTube Videos?
Whether you want to promote your products through SEO product descriptions or by creating web content, videos can be used alongside these and many other methods. In some instances you may opt to have the contents of a video transcribed and insert important keywords in the transcription to increase your exposure rate. For immediate results, you can insert important keywords into the titles and description of video and post them to the appropriate category so that they are easy to find. This applies whether you are using blog writing services or creating your own online content.

How to Measure Your Success with YouTube Videos
Video views are one of the first indicators you can use to see how many people actually saw its content. If you choose to use video as an off-page promoting strategy, then you can insert the URL of your website in the description section of the YouTube Video. This will allow others to follow-up on the information you presented in the video and increase your chances of securing more leads in the process. The click through rate of the URL is also another important indicator that you can use to see how many people actually found your video interesting and decided to click the link. The higher the click through rate, the more people found your video relevant to their needs. However, if you decide to promote your videos on your website then you can easily insert them with the content you choose to promote and take the necessary steps to optimize accordingly.  
Knowing how to generate meaningful leads from your videos is important if you want to gain a competitive edge. SEO considerations during and after video creation are necessary to guarantee successful results.

Content Marketing Services: Why So Many Fail to Give You the Traction You Need

Monday, May 20, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

Content must be marketed for you to compete effectively online. This involves much more than having a Twitter account and sending a few random tweets during the week.  To get the most out of content, some people may opt to use content providers to write the articles they need and hire separate content marketing services to do the marketing. This is still not the silver bullet to survive it online, because even with high quality content, relevant buzz cannot be generated with the wrong marketing approach. Some of the most common reasons why some marketing services fail are:

1. Not Sensitive to Audience
Your article writer must be sensitive to your audience and this rule also applies for content marketers. Important factors such as age, demographics, tone of content and product details should be weighed prior to writing any article or product description.  The more you know the audience, the easier it is to meet their needs and channel the tone of the article. Writing and marketing with the wrong audience in mind can seriously undermine your efforts to stay online and make a profit.

SEO should be done with your audience in mind since search queries indicate the type of demand for a certain product. These queries will indicate how your SEO content writing will unfold and therefore how competitive you are online.

2. Lack of Synchronized Timing
Timing is important when it comes to online marketing. This fact is clearly seen when you are using different marketing channels to market your products and articles. You want to ensure that the marketing is synchronized to some extent so as to avoid delivering the right message at the wrong time. An example of effective synchronized timing would be sending updates on Twitter and Facebook about the same content or product. When this happens you are more likely to get more attention for your products from people that genuinely want your services.

3. Wrong Type of Freelance Content Writers
Some marketers offer the service of writing your content for you. However, again the issue of your audience is brought into perspective and just how effective these professionals are in communicating to your target market. Some freelance writers put article writing and spinning on the same level. For them it is more about getting quantity, than actually generating quality content to reach your audience. You need to ensure that the marketing service is keen on providing well-researched articles and not just filler content to get back links. You should not accept filler content when you outsource content writing. Quality is key to win the confidence of your readers and to show that you are an expert in the industry.

4. Wrong Type of Marketing Channels
Not all marketing channels should be used for content. Popular article submission websites may not be effective in getting page views as guest posting is. Twitter on the other hand limits the number of words you can use in tweets and this also affects how many page views you get. Whether you are marketing your blog writing or adding new pages to your website, the best marketing channel should be used to get promising results.

Getting your content before the right type of people is just one more step in Internet Marketing. By connecting the dots between content creation and marketing you can use the Internet to your advantage.

Avoid an Identity Crisis: Get the Right Brand Appeal with Freelance Content Writers

Friday, May 17, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

Many businesses rebrand with the hope of changing their image and embracing a different business model. They also hope that the new brand identity will gives clients and potential clients a better idea of what they now represent. Some decide to go the route alone relying on their perceptions and great ideas to pave the way to unmatched success. But the grandeur of fame and high sales figures are soon cut short when they have to rebrand again: one more time they are taken to the starting point and have to sift through their business model to see where they are falling short. Some survive, but others fall apart after going back to the drawing board more than three times.

Businesses that are testing the waters and are still in the incubator stages need to have solid content that defines their operations. Some freelance content writers can readily identify the major areas that should be adjusted to ensure that a company’s message is not lost in its content. This can happen when too much or too little information is given in its articles, white pages, brochures, webpage content, ads and even taglines. Therefore it is important to have the right balance to ensure that clients have a good impression from the start. While rebranding may be necessary in many instances, it gives a sense of instability and this can negatively affect how current and even future clients view a business and it operations.

Whether the business has an e-commerce model or offers services, knowing how o effectively communicate its brand is important from the start. Some company owners may decide to buy blog posts and others may hire a product description copywriter to shape the content of website to match their new brand. Keywords that were previously used may no longer be needed in the new business model. They then have to ensure that the transition from the old business model to the new one is smooth and this is only possible by getting a clear message across with a reputable content service.  The impact this service will have on the new business can easily be measured by how clients respond to it. In other words, while many clients may consciously know that the business rebranded, they should not feel as if something is missing. In essence they should not feel that the new business lacks something. This can only be avoided when meticulous steps are taken to evaluate the content from the previous brand and align the new one with a different if not better approach.

Undoubtedly, other factors have to come into consideration when rebranding and establishing a new identity online. However, each final idea has to be communicated through the written word to the online visitor. This is why creating web content involves more than just structuring sentences. A businesses’ content must not leave any doubt in the mind of the reader about is reputation, expertise and most importantly identity. Professional content writers can ensure that the right brand identity is in the place with the best tools. Whether this involves digital or written content, the impact these can have should not be taken for granted.

Four Reasons You Should Make the Most of Guest Posting With the Best Blog Writers

Thursday, May 16, 2013 by Jackson Griffiths

Seasoned and even new website owners know that backlinking is essential to improve page rank and get more exposure. However, many generally turn their attention to article submission websites to avoid having to scour the internet to find blogs or websites that are willing to consider guest posting. What they fail to realize is that with the numerous updates to search engine algorithms, many of these article submission websites are no longer the “hit” to improve page rank. Instead they are nothing more than content databases that generate profit from submitted content through Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. They basically have nothing to lose, but website owners do even if they know everything about SEO content writing.

If you’ve been playing with the thought of creating back links here are five reasons why you should consider guest posting.

1. Far Less Competition
Article submission websites are competitive. While you may successfully create free backlinks on most of them, the audience is very limited compared to the many submissions they get in the same niches. Many people are linking from them and in some cases using re-written content done by a spammy online content writer. Therefore, they lack credibility on many scales. You will, therefore, not get much audience to boost demand for your products.

When you guest post on a reputable website that features high quality content and has a high page rank, then you increase your exposure and look more credible to search engines. You can hire the best blog writers to ensure that your content is well-written and informative.

2. Better SEO strategy
Websites owners that enjoy a high page rank do their homework to ensure that the best SEO strategy is being used. You will benefit from this knowing that all the keyword research, link building and social media promotion are all done for you.  Some use freelance blog writers to help reduce the workload and provide regular content updates on a daily basis.

Some websites that accept guest posting may even suggest the keywords you should use in your articles. This better guides you while writing or even if you decide to outsource content writing and increases your chances of standing out. You have to do your own homework to find the best keywords to use if you use article submission websites to generate content. You get real SEO value when you guest post and not poor quality back links.

3. Loyal Audience
Article submission websites do not necessarily have a loyal audience that subscribes to RSS or even updates in certain niches. Websites that accept guest post generally do, because they use social media and other forms of Internet Marketing to reach more people. You can take advantage of this loyal audience, because they already know the brand of the company and its services. Depending on how they market the website your content will also come before potential clients as well. The type of audience they have will depend largely on the products they offer.

4 Far Less  Hits from Algorithms Updates
A website that is using ethical SEO strategies and not accepting any type of spammy content from users will hardly feel the effects of algorithm updates. They do not use content creation tools such as article spinners, but hire established content providers to craft content. The same is not true for article submission websites which have to double up their efforts to avoid receiving poorly written articles that have repetitious keywords throughout. These websites are not seen as experts to visitors, but only somewhere to read content. Reputable websites that accept guest posts are seen as experts if they provide quality content.

The landscape of SEO has shifted significantly and now guest posting is worth the effort to build your online credibility and generate demand in the process. The more links and articles you have on reputable websites the higher the chances of getting relevant leads for your efforts.

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